Council Policies, Procedures, Finance etc.


Attached is the Annual Return(audit etc of financial results for the year ended March 2016)

The return/report cover
Sect 1 Governance Statement
Sect 2 Accounting Statements
Sect 3 External Auditor's Report.
Sect 4 Internal Auditor's Report

Copies of the annual return may be obtained from the Parish Clerk for a fee of £2 at 4 Bowmont Drive Aylesbury hp 21 9 uh

G Stevens
Parish Clerk

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Electors have the right to inspect the accounts to be audited for the year ended March 2016.

See attached notice for the relevant informations to enable viewing or copying.

1 July 2016

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Annual return for March 2015.

Attached is the Annual Return for March 2015. Copies may be obtained from the Clerk at £1 per copy. Pages 1 to 3 are for noting and we also had an internal audit see page 4 of return.

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Emergency Self Help Plan

This plan has been developed by the Emergency Planning Committee of the Parish Council who will act as the “Emergency Management Team”
Most emergencies are routinely dealt with by responses from the emergency services, district council and major utility suppliers. The emergency plan is in place to deal with occasions when these outside bodies are not able to render immediate assistance and the local parish community will need to help itself.
The plan is aimed at providing a framework to ensure a prompt and effective approach to managing any major incident that may threaten the safety and welfare of the community.


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Financial results for the year ended March 2014

A summarised format of the income and expenditure statement for the year ended March 2014 as presented at the Annual Parish Meeting. Attached is a copy for those residents who are interested.

The annual return which is subjected to internal and external audit will be placed on the site when the external audit is completed

G Stevens
Parish Clerk

Attached is the

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The annual return is for the information of residents.

It is also required to be published in terms of section 14 of the AUDIT COMMISSION ACT 1998

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Standing orders of Council

Internal rules and regulations as adopted by the Parish Council for governing.

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Child Protection Policy

Adopted by Council to safeguard all children from harm who are involved in Council led activities.

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Councillor Code of Conduct

New Policy to comply with the Localism Act 2011 section 27.
This policy was adopted by the Parish Council to maintain and promote high standards of behaviour by Councillors in the course of carrying out their duties for Council.

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Annual Return March 2012

The annual return pages 2 to 5 covers the Accounting Statement, Governance Statement, External and Internal Auditors reports.


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Financial Results April 2011 to March 2012

Income and expenditure grouped summary for the year ended march 2012.

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