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Started by David Copping

The Neighbourhood Plan-Transparency?

Dear Residents,

Unfortunately, despite many hours of work we have been presented with a Draft Long Crendon Neighbourhood Plan (DLCNP) that does not represent the wishes of the majority of Long Crendon. It fails to provide the requirements that villagers requested from the very beginning;

- less traffic congesting our roads
- more sporting and recreational facilities
- more affordable housing

In fact, the DLCNP does everything possible to try and exclude Drakes Drive (DD), and in doing so, present and future villagers will be denied the very real benefits mentioned above. Is this the legacy we want to leave future generations?

The DLCNP is only for the next 5 years and not to 2033 as required. The current Draft is woefully short on number of houses and leaves us MORE and not LESS vulnerable to over-development, due to the lack of a long term strategic Plan.

Moving forward, if DD is not developed, then the only realistic sizeable site left will be behind Madges Farm, the area behind the school playing field, with no added amenity, far from the centre, with added congestion.

The DLCNP supposed consultation period was nothing of the sort. Instead, it was used by the Parish Council as a scaremongering exercise against “massive over-development” (examples; the presentation on Nov 2nd and the front cover of last’s month’s Crier). This was no listening exercise. Their minds are made up.
Transparency denied.

The consultation in January 2016 revealed (unsurprisingly) that 80% of comments relating to sites were in favour of DD. This information has been hidden from you and not presented by the Parish Council. This is a village exercise, during which transparency should be paramount.

The Plan should be owned by the village and the residents should not be denied a real say in it. If Drakes Drive is the preferred option of most residents, it must be given proper and full consideration and not allowed to be swept under the carpet.

If you share any of my concerns, please email me below so we can be a voice for the “silent majority”.

Thank you.

David Copping

Posted 2016-12-16 20:06:11 by David Copping

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