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Act now before christmas to protect our village

Started by Philip

They‘re at it again…

Dear resident of Long Crendon –please feel free to circulate to as many people you know who might be interested…

Sorry to bother you with this news at this time of year. You previously supported the Long Crendon Neighbourhood Plan and the subsequent rejection of the appeal against Gladman Development’s application for 65 houses on Chilton Road.

Just as we are all preparing for Christmas, Gladman, the housing developer who lost their appeal over their plans for houses on Chilton Road in 2017 have come back with a renewed proposal for 65 houses on the edge of the village, in contravention of the existing Long Crendon Neighbourhood Plan that many of you supported in 2017.

The proposal is essentially the same as the one they submitted in 2015. That proposal was dismissed at a Planning Appeal last year on the basis of the Long Crendon Neighbourhood Plan. They have come back now, just as AVDC faces internal issues, with their own housing plan and organisational structure.

They have also come back at a time of year when many of us either away or preparing to go away and not thinking about planning issues! #underhand!

Objections to this proposal must be made, according to the information on the AVDC website, within 21 days of the application being made… and that takes us to 25th December!

If this planning application is approved it throws out all of the Neighbourhood Plan for our village and again opens us up to any and all developers – and also has serious implications for other Neighbourhood Plans countrywide. I know we need houses in Bucks and we in Long Crendon have already allocated space for upto 100. This proposal is outside the boundaries created by the Neighbourhood Plan that we as a village voted for in 2017.

So, can I ask you to pull together as a village and support the existing village plans by sending in your objections to this application (if that’s what you feel) online at

One thing to note is that Gladman state in their application that they have extensively involved the community in this application:

“Prior to the submission of a previous application on this site (reference: 15/02670/AOP), Gladman Developments Ltd engaged in a comprehensive process of pre-application consultation with the local community and key stakeholders. 1.1.2 Statutory and non-statutory consultees, along with members of the public also provided comments on the proposals during the consideration of the previous application and to a latter planning appeal. 1.1.3 As the majority of the scheme remains unchanged from the previous application, it has not been considered necessary to engage in further consultation prior to the submission of this application.”

If you read the documents on the AVDC website you will soon realise that this company is a master at fudging things to make it look like they are involving the community. All they want is to make money. They couldn’t care less what we in our village think! So, if you want to help protect our village for the future you need to act now…

With regards our Neighbourhood Plan. The current plan runs to 2023. The aim is to update this during 2019/2020 to take us to 2033 to fit in with the AVDC planning timescales.

The matter of this planning application is on the agenda for the Parish Council on Monday night, 17th December at 7.30pm. Please support the Parish Council.

If you feel you want to object please do it now at

And if you want an example of an objection this style could be considered plus your own thoughts...

I strongly object to the planning application 18/04337/AOP and ask that AVDC object to this development for the following reasons. Long Crendon Parish Council and the residents of Long Crendon voted overwhelmingly in favour of the Long Crendon Neighbourhood Plan in the referendum that took place on Thursday 7 September 2017. The results showed 92.5% of those who voted were in favour of the plan. This plan sets out the way that we propose to develop our village over the coming years. We are aware of the need for increased housing across the County and have developed a plan that allows for the expansion of the village to accommodate a share of this housing. To date over 63 houses have already been approved with many already built and more in the pipeline over the next period of the plan. The Neighbourhood Plan will be updated over the next 2 years to take account of the pending VALP and the further wishes of the community. Furthermore, at the previous appeal in 2017 the Inspector dismissed the planning appeal by Gladman Developments based on the weight of the Neighbourhood Plan. This new proposed development is not in the plan. Is outside of the village boundary, has already been dismissed at Appeal and is against the wishes of the residents of this village. For this reason, I strongly object to this development application.

With best regards and in support of the Long Crendon Neighbourhood Plan

Posted 2018-12-17 20:21:11 by Philip

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